About Us

FREE services for victims of sexual assault are available 24-hours-a-day and are accessed by calling The Link hotline and asking for a SAAFE advocate.

Crimes against people are harmful and traumatizing. Sexual assault crimes impact more than the individual victim; these are crimes against the family and the community. We cannot be a healthy society when such crimes occur.  Paid staff and paraprofessional volunteers at The SAAFE Center can assist victims/survivors in a variety of ways.

The SAAFE Center provides options to victims/survivors of sexual assault. This empowering process enables the individual to make choices appropriate to their situation, without being told what to do. Advocates listen and support the victim through any process they may be going through. Many times, talking about the situation can help a person sort out their options and make decisions that are best for their own circumstances. Advocates recognize the difficulty in making decisions following a crime and provide information about possible options.