As a parent,

it may be hard to comprehend that your child is sexually active. This might not be what you want for your child. Regardless, your child’s level of sexual activity had  nothing to do with the assault. Sexual activity (or lack thereof) does not cause rape.

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As an intimate partner,

While you might be ready to resume normal sexual intimacy, your loved one may not be. Be aware of subtle pressure you may be putting on your loved one. She will decide when it’s time, not you. She may be confused about the relationship between intimacy and sex, and pressuring her to be intimate with you will not help her healing process

    • DON’T: say, “Why do I have to suffer for what he did to you?”
    • DON’T: say, “This will show you you’re okay.”
    • DON’T: say, “Get over it.”
    • DO: say, “I’m sure that it will take time before you want to be intimate with me again. This is okay with me. We can go as slowly as you want.”

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