Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Did you know:

  • Every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted
  • College women are 4 times more likely to be sexually assaulted
  • Over 80% of rapists know their victim

Sexual Assault Definition

Under Ohio law, any type of non-consensual sexual activity (sexual contact or sexual conduct without permission) is a sexual assault. This includes the legal charges of rape, sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, and sexual imposition. If a person is passed out due to excessive alcohol use or drug use, they are unable to give consent and therefore this is a sexual assault. Persons with limited mental capacity and the very old can be unable to give consent due to their mental capacity or age. Read more.



  • Consent means giving permission for something to happen and must be given freely.
  • Consent must be given in order for the sexual contact/conduct to be considered legal. Consent must be given verbally or in an overwhelmingly physical way (i.e. her taking off her own clothes, her taking off her partner’s clothes, her opening a condom). Silence does not equal consent.
  • Consent also means that the person is of legal age (16 in Ohio) and has no mental limitations.

The majority of sexual assaults are committed by “normal” friends or acquaintances—people who are known to the victim and who are not diagnosed as insane. The assault may be violent or it may be psychologically terrifying without physical force involved. The perpetrator is not a “sex maniac” because the purpose for the assault is for power and control, NOT for sexual pleasure. Read more.

If you would like services regarding a sexual assault, please call The Link at (419) 352-1545 and ask for a SAAFE advocate.